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Hi. I'm Ia. I'm a king and I like to doodle.

This blog mainly contains fanart and occasionally ocs. Please look at +more for the tag pages if you're searching for something specific.

I rarely put effort on things because they end up looking like poop so I mainly sketch/coloured sketch.

You can use any of my art as long as you credit me back here or my deviantART/main blog.


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u see this is the reason why i only do headshots when i paint -can’t paint bodies-

anyway these gays are the cutest, i love them, esp toudou that dork.

i’ll p much draw my yowapeda otps sometime later i guess

self crit: everything below the head, toudou’s eyes and ears, hair

anddd that’s p much it i guess. constructive crits are welcome ;v;

  • - Max. of 4 characters on each drawing.
  • - It may take a lot of time, depending on the difficulty.
  • - I don’t draw nude or gore. As much as I like them, I won’t.
  • - If you want me to draw an OC, please send me picture references, same goes for fan-art if I don’t know the anime/manga/video-game.
  • - I will absolutely NOT draw anything that bashes characters or pairings.
  • - I can’t draw mecha, animals, old people or too muscly men.
  • - Please pay for the Paypal fees, so I can get the full payment, that would be very kind of you. If you don’t want to, it’s fine.
  • - Depending on your character’s design difficulty, I would add an extra fee in between 1 and 5 $.

I am ok in drawing: Boys/Girls | Boys/Boys | Girls/Girls | Canon/Canon | OC/OC | Canon/OC | Crossovers

But I have the full right to decline your request if ever something’s not my cup of tea. (This rarely happens though.)

As for the payment, You can choose to either pay when you place the order, OR pay when I note/message you to say that I started working on your commission.

To see more examples, please go to my art tumblr. For more finished ones, my deviantART.

If you want point commissions on dA, here are the point equivalent: my journal. (Finished commissions are also listed there, if you’re interested in seeing the finished pieces.)

Sorry for new template again, but I added the head painting.

i haven’t posted in here for a long time

hello these are my twin ocs

(attempt at painting)

wanted to do the thing but ended up doing it really lazily

shit’s too cute (・・)

i couldn’t decide on which otp first but i was on gl mode so ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

some inagala doodles cause yeah

i rly like kusaban and rodakono grew on me in a blnk of an eye ok

(i already drew some kusaka with konoha, gotta draw some rodan with hilary too cause i also rly like them…)

rodan thinks that little rabbit might turn into some kind of alien monster rabbit that almost ate him in some planet

apart from riko and teppei (and kuroko and kagami) i really really love kise he’s such a precious baby so cute…cutie cute cute /cries on the floor

wanted to make a headshot of riko cause precious waifu

season2 version cause idk

and i like this new colouring style so i’m gonna stick to it yay

mmmmm manly man (notrly)

idk i really like gouda but then this guy came up and bam he’s actually tied with gouda rn idk

idk if it’s me or smth but im attracted to eyebrows like these (genda, gouda, takuya, tatsumi, kagami, gamagori, etc…) 

Just wanted to doodle my love-dokis before going to sleep

upupupu he’s so precious level-5 bring him back /weeps

omg I drew this like a week or two or even three ago but I completely forgot about it haha but yusss…koujanoiz

i p much ship everyone/everyone in dmmd it’s amazing