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Hi. I'm Ia. I'm a king and I like to doodle.

This blog mainly contains fanart and occasionally ocs. Please look at +more for the tag pages if you're searching for something specific.

I rarely put effort on things because they end up looking like poop so I mainly sketch/coloured sketch.

You can use any of my art as long as you credit me back here or my deviantART/main blog.


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I honestly got really , really lazy but I wanted to draw these precious ot4/ot8 together so

but ye from the new meme thing goin’ on

practicing painting?????????? idk

what do u think??? constructive criticism are welcome yo

-floats away-

doodles from my twitter (and some of my otps…)

Drew this a few weeks ago for celebration of the anime.

3rd tokyo ghoul fanart, I think I improved in colouring a bit! (my two other tg fanarts are seen in my pixiv)

everything is easier when the character is wearing black

full view here

chibi mm i drew a few weeks ago

i haven’t updated my tumblr for some time now so i thought y not upload here aha

precious wife

i hate u

look at these kita looks like he’s sick and genda looks like he’s miximaxed with hiroto -can’t- (and i can’t draw the face side where genda is facing /need practice)

also who are you calling little NO

baddap with 12 hehehehe


idk this is my first time doing these things so………..baddapu for u



man actually, once i knock out pixel commissions i’m stealing these and going back to finish that god damn kiss meme i started last year. meme merging.

i am bad at art but i want to try this??

Drew this around a few weeks ago idk

I saw fairy tail on tv (french omg no pls) and juvia was there and i suddenly got back into it?? Ahaha

Gruvia is my ultimate fairy tail otp tho they’re so cute /slams fist on table

I havent posted in some time now lol

But quick doodle during my break at work today

look at these two gays

They should get married