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Hi. I'm Ia. I'm a king and I like to doodle.

This blog mainly contains fanart and occasionally ocs. Please look at +more for the tag pages if you're searching for something specific.

I rarely put effort on things because they end up looking like poop so I mainly sketch/coloured sketch.

I post vent art, so blacklist the tag 'ventart' if you don't want it on your dash.

You can use any of my art as long as you credit me back here or my deviantART/main blog.


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got back into south park and assburgers ep was gold

also got back into stan/kyle

im…so sorry

idek anymore

boom boom baby 

idk i was trying out some brushes and a slightly different style from what i always do

Click for a better view I guess lol this took way too much time urgh

I love kouen and his ridiculous goatee and 2384928 layers of clothing

the only thing i like here are the eyes and nose :C

Haven’t drawn my precious bbies in a long time so i thought why not.

I honestly got really , really lazy but I wanted to draw these precious ot4/ot8 together so

but ye from the new meme thing goin’ on

practicing painting?????????? idk

what do u think??? constructive criticism are welcome yo

-floats away-

doodles from my twitter (and some of my otps…)

Drew this a few weeks ago for celebration of the anime.

3rd tokyo ghoul fanart, I think I improved in colouring a bit! (my two other tg fanarts are seen in my pixiv)

everything is easier when the character is wearing black

full view here